Hello founders, we are 2048 Ventures!

Today we are excited to share that two long-time friends, Alex Iskold and Paul Sethi, have partnered to launch an earliest-stage venture firm focused on first-time and repeat founders with the first-time founder mindset, who are building companies differentiated through technology.

We are called 2048 Ventures, or simply 2048, and we are open for business!

Why we exist

At 2048 Ventures, our mission is to partner with exceptional first-time and repeat founders with the first-time founder mindset, to provide capital and hands-on help at the earliest stage. We are happy to be the first institutional check, and leverage our network of advisors and investors, to help you take your startup to the next level.

Where we invest

2048 Ventures is based in NYC, but we are geo-agnostic in terms of where we invest. Most of our investments will be in NYC, Boston and Emerging Tech Cities like Atlanta, Austin, Toronto/Waterloo, Nashville, Pittsburgh and more.

What we look for

We are looking for founders who are creating companies that have differentiation and defensibility through technology. We look for founder-market-fit, vision, and early product and customer traction. We are mostly focused on B2B/enterprise, AI/ML, fin-tech, health-tech, cyber security, dev tools, hardware and consumer businesses differentiated through technology.

How we work with founders

We are hands-on investors, and aim to provide much more than capital. The 2048 team works closely with our portfolio founders on all aspects of the business, from product and technology, to sales/marketing and pricing strategy, to partnerships and scaling. We help create strong foundations around a metrics-driven culture. We help set and achieve milestones. We work closely with our founders to help them raise capital through our extensive network of venture capitalists and angel investors.

Our insights and thesis

We have been first-check, earliest investors in over 200 startups, and we’ve noticed a few patterns.

First, there is an underserved market of first-time founders, and repeat founders with the first-time founder mindset - often with industry experience - working on companies that have a strong focus on technology. It is clear to us that the next generation of wealth creation in venture will come through differentiated technology.

Our bet is that an outsized percentage of technology innovation will be created by 
first-time and repeat founders with the first-time founder mindset. 

Our second critical insight is about new networks fueling the next generation of venture capital.

We realized that because of globalization and other market dynamics, both venture and companies are becoming highly decentralized. Silicon Valley doesn’t have a monopoly on innovation, nor does New York or Boston.

Innovation is now a network; it exists everywhere.

For 2048, this means that our opportunities, and the founders we back, do not come from one place. We are intentionally a geo-agnostic investment firm.

Much like innovation is everywhere, so is help. The most relevant advisor for an Atlanta startup may be in NYC. Or vice versa.

Much like innovation is a network that’s everywhere, so too is advice and counsel. 

And lastly, access to the capital network has always been critical for startups. And now, venture capital is no longer local-only either.

A great and relevant investor can be based anywhere (NYC here!). 

When you put all of this together, you get what 2048 Ventures is all about:

  • We back first-time and repeat founders with the first-time founder mindset, who are creating companies differentiated through technology

  • We invest in companies across geographies

  • We offer hands-on help and access to our extensive network of advisors and investors

This is 2048 Ventures, and we are excited to build the future together with you.

How to best reach out

For Alex: Find an intro through a founder, or someone Alex knows. Send a 1-3 minute video of your team, talking about what you are building.

For Paul: An e-intro from a common connection. Shoot over your deck + a few bullets on what you’re building, the market, and most importantly, “why you”.

We are 2048 Ventures, and we want to hear from YOU!

Alex Iskold