Our Investment in Ratio.city

By year 2050, 70% of Earth’s population will live in cities.  

Modern cities are booming metropolises where bricks recede and give rise to glass and murals. Modern cities are complex systems with complex infrastructure, supply chains, food networks, transportation links, and so much more. 

As cities grow, they generate extraordinary amounts of data. This data is key to the further growth of cities, and critical in making policy, business, and social decisions.

This is why we are thrilled to share our investment in Toronto-based Ratio.City - a platform and an API for searching through and analyzing city-level public and private data sets.

Ratio.city was co-founded by Monika Jaroszonek  and Erin Morrow - who studied together at the University of Waterloo and spent the last 15 years working in the architecture space in Toronto. Monika and Erin have strong founder-market-fit, and a massive vision for Ratio.city. The company launched in December of 2018 and has quickly grown to dozens of customers in Toronto.

Today, Ratio.City is a platform for real estate developers and city planners to search across multiple complex data sets, aiding in the discovery, analysis and planning of new buildings and developments. As Ratio.city grows, it will add more public and private data sets to its platform, and will make them available through their product and an API.

As cities grow, Ratio.City’s ambition is to become a trusted source of data, a search and analytics provider, and a planning tool for businesses, city planners, and governments.

At 2048 Ventures, we believe in this vision, and are grateful to back Monika, Erin and entire Ratio.City team.

Alex Iskold