We invest in exceptional founders building B2B and B2C companies differentiated through technology.


At 2048 Ventures our mission is to partner with both first-time and repeat founders with the first-time founder mindset, to provide capital and hands-on help at the earliest stage. We are happy to be the first institutional check, and leverage our network of advisors and investors to help you take your startup to the next level.


2048 Ventures is based in NYC, but we are geo-agnostic in terms of where we invest. Most of our investments will be in NYC, Boston and Emerging Tech Cities like Atlanta, Austin, Toronto/Waterloo, Nashville, Pittsburgh and more.


We are looking for founders who are creating companies that have differentiation and defensibility through technology. We look for founder-market-fit, vision, and early product and customer traction. We invest in both B2B and B2C: Enterprise SaaS, AI/ML, Fin-tech, Health-tech, Cybersecurity, Dev tools, Hardware, Genomics, Marketplaces, and B2C/D2C businesses differentiated through technology.

Who we are

Alex Iskold, Managing Partner

Alex Iskold, Managing Partner

Alex Iskold is a co-founder and Managing Partner at 2048 Ventures. Prior to 2048, Alex spent 5 years at Techstars as the Managing Director of its NYC program, where he invested in and helped over 100 startups. Alex was previously the founder and CEO of Info Lab (acquired by IBM), founder and CEO of GetGlue (backed by USV, RRE, Time Warner), Chief Architect of distributed computing startup DataSynapse, and a software engineer at Goldman Sachs, D.E. Shaw and Thinkmap.

Alex also taught an award-winning undergraduate computer science class at NYU. He holds a B.S. in Math with Honors from Lehigh University and M.S. in Computer Science from NYU. Alex writes one of the top startup blogs called Startup Hacks. You can email Alex at alex@2048.vc, see Alex's connections on Linkedin, and follow him on Twitter @alexiskold.

Paul Sethi, Managing Partner

Paul Sethi, Managing Partner

Paul Sethi is a co-founder and Managing Partner at 2048 Ventures. For 7+ years prior to 2048 Ventures, Paul was CEO of Redbooks, leading sales data and intelligence platform for the marketing industry (acq. by List Partners - May 2018). He also co-founded Robuzz, an advanced ML/NLP practice, with a real-time alerts and data extraction engine built for enterprise.

Paul has been a first-check angel for over a decade, including in Flexport, SeatGeek, Transfix, Knotel and LearnVest. He serves as Advisor to Transfix and OpenFortune, and graduated with honors from Wharton (UPenn) and Columbia. Early in his career, he spent 5 years as a hedge fund investor focused on technology companies. You can email Paul at psethi@2048.vc, see Paul's connections on Linkedin, and follow him on Twitter @paulsethi.

Our Investors

Early on when we started talking about 2048 Ventures, we asked, “Who would be the best partners, the most impactful investors, to begin this journey with us?” With our focus on the next wave of technology founders and companies, the answer was obvious: we wanted to be backed by the best, most successful technology founders of our times.

We started with founders, so that our ultimate 2048 portfolio founders can be inspired, and literally backed, by the iconic founders who walked in their shoes previously. We are privileged to have assembled an exceptional collective, including the founders of MongoDB, DoubleClick, Github, Rackspace, MakerBot, Meetup, Stratasys, DigitalOcean, SendGrid, Plated, Photobucket, DataLogix, DigiWeb, CloudLock, Carbon Black, Payfone, SiteCompli, DreamHost, MindBody, Seamless, StubHub and many others.

Today, we are proud to call all of them our Limited Partners. These founders are joined by other exceptional LPs from top tier venture funds, as well as past and present executives from key technology companies.

Work with us

The 2048 Team here is ready to back exceptional founders who are driven, resilient, capital-efficient and coachable. We are ready to be the first check in your company, whether you are located here in NYC, or Toronto or Atlanta, Seattle or Nashville, Austin or Boston, or anywhere in between.

We are inspired to back founders transforming all sectors - healthcare and developer tools, logistics and genomics, financial services and cyber security, and all others. We back founders who are creating B2B and B2C companies, differentiated through technology, and again, across all verticals.  

If you are looking to partner with earliest-stage investors who have empathy, experience, strong networks, access to follow-on capital, and who roll up their sleeves - we look forward to hearing from you!