We back visionary founders who are building technologies of the future.

2048 Ventures is a thesis-driven earliest stage venture capital firm. We are founders, experienced operators, nerds and dreamers obsessed with the future. We've backed over 200 startups and have the experience and conviction to lead your pre-seed or seed round.

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We get you and your vision before others

Our founders

We are systems thinkers, engineers, and product junkies. We think about the future non-stop and are ready to understand and back you before anyone else. When we decide to invest, we write you a check and then help you close the rest of the round. We lead rounds with high conviction, and write $500K - $2M checks.

If you are a mission-driven team, with strong founder market-fit and a vision for what the future should look like, then we would love to meet you. We love serial founders, but we are also very excited about being the first to believe in underdogs, immigrants, and diverse founders who are going on their first founder journey.

We are not your typical pre-seed firm

We are a thesis-driven investor and invest in next generation B2B platforms — Systems of Record, infrastructure and APIs across verticals.

We are currently focused on Biotechnology, Health Tech, AI/ML Applications, Robotics, IoT, AR/VR, Climate Tech, Logistics, E-commerce enablement, B2B Marketplaces and SMB Vertical SaaS.

We don't care where you are based and we are happy to lead your pre-seed or seed anywhere in North America or UK. We've invested across 20+ cities including NYC, LA, Boston, Toronto, Austin, Denver, Seattle, Montreal, Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Cambridge, and Oxford.

Who we are

We are a team of experienced founders, operators, and scientists who are passionate about working with founders at the earliest stage. Collectively, we have invested in over 200 early stage startups. We are proud to have an NPS score of 100 from our founders.

Alex Iskold

Founder and Partner

Zann Ali


Julie Wolf


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We are committed to reviewing 100% of the pitches we receive.

"Alex is one of the hardest working investors you can have on your cap table. He's not only invested in the business, he is invested in the founders."

Liz Giorgi
Co-Founder + CEO

"Quick to compute, high conviction, and extremely helpful - especially for first-time founders. Puts in the time to help companies. Cannot recommend 2048 enough."

Dr. Milad Dagher
Nomic Bio
Co-Founder + CEO

"Laser sharp, thoroughly tactical, consistently clear, overly generous, and deeply empathetic...it will take you no time at all to realize that."

Danielle Cohen-Shohet
Gloss Genius
Co-Founder + CEO

“Neha changed the trajectory of our company from the moment 2048 Ventures joined our journey. We immediately saw what 'high conviction investor' really means.”

Marina Pavlovic Rivas
Eli Health
Co-Founder + CEO

"I consider Zann an extension of my founding team and I know I can call or text him any time. I have over 25 investors on my cap table, but Zann is always my first call."

Roshan Patel
Co-Founder + COO

"Meeting 2048 was a fundamental moment in our journey. From sourcing talent to guiding us through tricky conversations, the team at 2048 is always ready to dive in and help out."

Lisa-Marie Assenza
Impacked Packaging
Co-Founder + CEO

"The definition of a 'Founding Investor'...invests early and with the deep conviction of a co-founder. He has huge empathy and a deep personal understanding of what it takes to run and build an early stage startup."

Connor Murphy
Co-Founder + CEO

"Perhaps the most influential mentor I've ever had. Consistently challenges me to think from first principles, to reason clearly and act methodically in business. Above all, I know they truly believe in me, my team, and our vision."

Christopher Li
Biobox Analytics
Co-Founder + CEO

"Alex is very generous with resources: time, expertise, advice, and access to his extensive network of other founders and investors. We love working with him."

Monika Jaroszonek
Co-Founder + COO

Our investors

We are lucky to be backed by a truly incredible group of world class founders, top family offices, and venture capital firms...

... and also founders and executives from Algorand, Amazon, Bumble, Citrix, DataDog, D.E. Shaw, DuoSecurity, Elrond, HubSpot, Kelso, Mercari, Morgan Stanley, OpenTable, Oracle, SendGrid, Squarespace, Techstars, Uber, WorldRemit, Zscaler, and others.