Jan 7, 2020

How to Pitch 2048 Ventures Without an Introduction

In 2019, we reviewed 2,200 opportunities. This doesn’t mean that we met with 2,200 companies, this means that we received 2,200 pitches, and then met with a subset of these founders. A lot of these pitches came to us not via an introduction from a mutual connection, but via a direct email.

Alex Iskold

While email is a standard way that people reach out to each other, it is not an ideal format for receiving a pitch.

Simply put, emails are inconsistent: some companies send blurbs, some send videos, some send decks, and others send a mix of the above.

This creates two problems.

The first problem is that it is difficult for us to process all of this mix of information. The second problem is that, since each founder sends different things, we have to evaluate whether to connect or not based on different information.

In 2020, we’ve decided to create a new system that should make “cold pitching” us simpler and more consistent. The system is based on filling out a quick form, now live on our website, You can pitch any one of us by clicking on the link below:

Pitch 2048 Ventures Team

The basic information we’d like to gather includes company description, your vision, founding team’s LinkedIn profiles, and links to a pitch deck, founder video, and an optional product video.

This quick form ensures that we give each company the attention it deserves, whether we decide to move forward or not. We also feel like if you don’t have this information, you should - it will be needed in order to pitch other investors, not just us.

We are committing to reviewing every single cold inbound.

However, we are not committing to replying if we don’t believe there is a fit. This is the same as us getting a warm introduction and declining it - we do not always take warm introductions.

Once you fill out the form, we guarantee to review your information, and if it makes sense on our end, will quickly reach out to schedule a meeting to learn more.

To sum up, in 2020, we are happy to receive your cold pitch via a form. We also very much encourage you to, if you can, reach out to us by getting an introduction through a mutual connection.

Thank you for reading - we look forward to receiving amazing pitches in 2020 and getting to know you and your business!

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