Mar 7, 2023

Our Investment in Adaptis

Adaptis is an AI-powered modeling platform for improving and optimizing the carbon footprint of existing buildings.

Daniella Cohen

2048 Ventures is thrilled to lead the $1.5M pre-seed round, joined by Powerhouse Ventures, and Blue Vision Capital.

Zero Carbon Future

Commitments to decarbonization are accelerating across the globe. The world is shifting to enforcing green building adaptations, constructions, and demolitions. Mandates have already taken place in Toronto, the United States West Coast, as well as several European countries like Germany and Switzerland.

Enter Adaptis

Empowering this future comes with hurdles. Existing buildings must comply with new regulations and incentives, which is a tremendous undertaking. Adaptis is the solution to power this change: delivering the net-zero promise, one existing building at a time. They are the platform to enable buildings to comply with regulations, and more broadly enable the next generation of AI-powered circular designing.

Their platform supports building design for the entire lifecycle, including end-of-life deconstruction, disassembly, and reuse, with the goal of enabling continuous use of buildings, limiting demolition, and reducing the embodied carbon of buildings by at least 60%.

Adaptis’ key features include:

  • Automation and optimization for the planning process.
  • Deep decarbonization and long-term resilience planning for broader real estate portfolios.
  • Generation of hundreds to thousands of design options.
  • Simultaneous evaluations across various performance metrics such as embodied carbon, energy usage, deconstruction value, and cost.

This leads to higher quality design options than a conventional consultant while also doing so in less than 10% of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

The Adaptis Dream Team

Adaptis is the brainchild of Sheida Shahi, Ph.D. (CEO) and Aida Mollaei (CTO). Sheida and Aida both have deep technical expertise in the decarbonization, construction, and building adaptation space. Sheida obtained her Master’s in Architecture and Ph.D in Civil and Environmental Engineering from The University of Waterloo where she met Aida, who also obtained her Master’s in Sustainability Management and is completing her PhD in Civil Engineering.  Sheida has been an architect for over 9 years, working on award-wining adaptation projects across Canada. Aida’s expertise is in waste management and circulate engineering. She has worked on various projects across Canada with Flour, Wood, PCL Construction, the Smithsonian Institute, and more.

Read the pre-seed announcement, learn more about Adaptis at their website, and follow Sheida Shahi, Ph.D. and Aida Mollaei on LinkedIn for insights on this space and to keep up with their journey.

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