Mar 17, 2020

Our Investment in Addapptation

Have you ever worked in a large organization that uses Salesforce as a database? If you have, you are likely familiar with the problem that our latest investment, addapptation, is set out to solve.

Alex Iskold

Building applications on top of Salesforce is not easy.

Companies typically hire consultants and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars building and maintaining each application.

This all changes with addapptation - a platform that makes creating elegant, fresh, and simple applications on top of Salesforce a breeze.

addapptation is a brainchild of Sumner and Carla Vanderhoof. The duo previously ran a consultancy that helped businesses build applications on top of Salesforce. Sumner, a talented engineer and an architect saw an opportunity to create a platform that can dramatically streamline this process.

At the heart of the addapptation platform is a modular architecture based on microservices. addapptation uses Salesforce as a data hub and then pulls that data into a variety of pre-configured and customizable spokes, creating a better experience for their users. This approach dramatically reduces the amount of manual coding and application building.

addapptation comes with dozens of modules that can be mapped onto existing Salesforce data. Once the configuration is in place, data can be bound and rendered using simple and elegant UX.

addapptation is now in production with tens of thousands of users across 20 enterprise customers, and are supporting a variety of use cases including account management, sales, marketing, customer loyalty, budgeting, and more.

Sumner, and Carla have a big vision to change how modern enterprise applications are created and delivered, and we are delighted to be a part of their founder journey.

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