Oct 25, 2019

Our Investment in Airspace Link

2048 Ventures leads a pre-seed investment in Detroit-based Airspace Link along side our friends from Ludlow Ventures, Detroit Venture Partners, Matchstick Ventures and Techstars.

Alex Iskold

The science fiction future where drones deliver packages, help first responders monitor neighborhoods and fight fires, or assist in surveying a building site is getting closer and closer.

However, a key hurdle stands in the way of a broad business adoption of drones: there are no regulations or infrastructure for drones to fly beyond visual line of sight. This is why local and state governments are in need of a routing system that can define “the highways in the sky.”  

This is exactly the problem that Michael, Danny and the team at Airspace Link is solving. Airspace Link’s software enables each city and state to define the routes that drones can fly. The Airspace Link platform consists of a GIS database and helps mark no-fly zones such as schools, jails, critical infrastructure, or even parades. The Airspace Link API is then used by drone operators — both private and commercial — to get a clear route from point A to point B.

Airspace Link is one of only a handful of vendors approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This is no accident — building a highly complex system like Airspace Link’s platform is no small feat. The software is beautifully designed and envisioned by CTO Danny Bradshaw, who has over a decade of experience building GIS systems. The company is currently in beta with several cities and is in deep discussions with several states.

When we were introduced to Michael and Danny by our friend Ted Serbinski, we were incredibly impressed with their backgrounds, vision, speed of execution, and traction. We knew that this is a very special team going after a massive, forward-looking market — and, when offered the opportunity, we knew we wanted to be part of their journey.

Today, we are excited to share that we led Airspace Link’s pre-seed round in partnership with Matchstick Ventures, Ludlow Ventures, Detroit Venture Partners and Techstars.

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