Apr 5, 2021

Our Investment in Gybe

Water is one of the most precious resources we have.

Alex Iskold

In recent years, climate change has exacerbated the risk of water contamination.

Harmful chemical compounds, bacteria and toxic algae are increasingly populating watersheds and rivers.

The detection of these contaminants is critical from both a public safety standpoint as well as a commercial one. Public utilities and the food and beverage industry, held accountable to ensure water is safe to drink and use in their products, must continuously test for any dangerous impurities.

Until recently, however, methods of water quality measurement have been static and unreliable.

Ivan Lalovic, a deeply experienced physicist and engineer with a passion for water quality, recognized an opportunity to change the game. Ivan teamed up with his friends and long-time collaborators Dr. Nicholas Tufillaro and Omar Zurita to create Gybe, a company offering solutions  to monitor entire watersheds in real time.

Local machine vision  sensors and time-spanning satellite information are used in tandem through Gybe’s advanced monitoring system, producing unprecedented data about immediate and potential water contamination.

Gybe's early customers are incredibly impressed. It was clear from our personal conversations that Gybe is delivering much-needed, breakthrough data to its target market, which spans food and beverage industry plants, public utilities and NGOs.

Gybe’s envisions becoming the de facto, global source for water quality data, starting off in the US. Once installed, each one of Gybe’s sensors will contribute to a significant network effect, benefiting all the company’s customers as Gybe’s systems learn and become more accurate.

Ivan, Nick and Omar have strong founder-market fit, have brought together a solid team, have an amazing product, an impressive set of customers, and, importantly, an ambitious vision: to change how water quality is measured and by extension, how water is seen and managed. 2048 Ventures is thrilled to lead their pre-seed round and to help them achieve their mission.

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