Jan 11, 2022

2021 Year-in-Review

50 Companies from 2048 Ventures Fund I are now worth over $1B

Alex Iskold

2021 was a strong year for the 2048 Ventures Portfolio. The 50 companies we backed over the last 3 years are now collectively worth more than $1B.

This year, we were lucky to invest in 15 startups, and finished investing 2048 Ventures Fund 1. The portfolio has 50 portfolio companies across 22 geographies.

We are humbled to earn NPS (net promoter score) of 100 from our founders third year in a row!

The infographic below has the summary of our investments, verticals, and geographies for 2021.

If you are working on an early stage startup differentiated through technology and data, and are looking for pre-seed capital, please reach out to us.

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