Sep 12, 2022

Joining 2048 Ventures

I’m Daniella and I am thrilled to join 2048 Ventures! With a background in computational neuroscience, I’ll be investing in emerging biotech, healthcare, and artificial intelligence 👩🏼‍🔬🧬🧠🤖

Daniella Cohen

Hi, I’m Daniella and I am thrilled to join the 2048 Ventures team.

I graduated from Princeton University where I studied Neuroscience. My independent work used machine learning techniques to decode brain activity (fMRI) while students learned educational material. Put simply, I am obsessed with learning: how our brains learn, how machines can learn, and consequently, how we can learn better.

In good company with the rest of the 2048 Ventures team, I’ll be the first to say that I’m a nerd. Some of my fondest memories growing up were at math camp! This relates to my investing principles and also what I focus on at 2048 Ventures: emerging biotechnology, healthcare, and artificial intelligence. More on that later.

Prior to 2048 Ventures, I was a managing partner at Rough Draft Ventures where I invested in student founders across the country, including Adora, PrendeHealth, Wellnest, Impilo, Perch, Privy, Chefmark, and more. I believe that investing in young superstars, specifically, is a bet on the next generation of stellar entrepreneurs and rising investors. In 2018, I was a summer associate at Techstars NYC and joined a portfolio company, The Clear Cut (DTC diamond startup) as their Head of Content. I also took time off from college to work on social and emotional learning projects at Facebook as the youngest person at the company.

I am passionate about supporting diverse founders, diversity initiatives, and making the industry more equitable. At Princeton, I led Princeton Women in Entrepreneurship, and with RDV I led the first and largest investment in an undergraduate female founder on campus. Currently, I am a board member for the Princeton Prize in Race Relations.

On to investing. These are the principles that guide me:

  1. Invest in resilient founders. People that can learn from their mistakes, are driven by a strong “why,” know their expertise, and also their weaknesses make the best founders. Sometimes that means seeking out underdogs instead of heroes.
  2. Follow the science. I am driven by rigorous technological and scientific validation. That means diving in to the research, scientific landscape, and demos. I always have a student’s mindset when evaluating companies. Nerding out on scientific frontiers should be the ultimate North Star.
  3. Vision for the future. I try to imagine how aspects of my daily routine, or that of someone else’s might change from a company’s solution. What will it look and feel like to implement a diagnostic tool or novel monitoring device? Finding a vision of the future where scientific progress and tech enablement rhyme is my sweet spot.

As an investor in your company, I will be your champion first and foremost. Along with the exceptional 2048 Ventures team, you can expect meaningful mentorship, access to networks and resources to supercharge your growth, and so much more.

You can email me at, see my connections on LinkedIn, and follow me on Twitter @daniellarcohen.

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