May 7, 2019

2048 Ventures Raises $27M Fund I

Today, we are excited to share that 2048 Ventures has closed its inaugural Fund I. We are oversubscribed, and have $27M in fresh capital from an exceptional group of investors.

Alex Iskold

2048 Ventures Raises $27M Fund I to be the first-check, geo-agnostic investors in companies differentiated through technology.

Today, we are excited to share that 2048 Ventures has closed its inaugural Fund I. We are oversubscribed, and have $27M in fresh capital from an exceptional group of investors.

Our Mission and Vision

2048 Ventures is a mission-driven firm. Our mission is to be founding investor and hands-on partner to entrepreneurs building technology companies of the future. We are inspired to help fuel and support innovation that will define our society for decades to come.

We are specifically focused on providing capital and strategic help to exceptional first-time and repeat founders, who have the first-time founder mindset. We aim to be the first institutional check, and leverage our network of advisors and investors, to help founders take their startups to the next level.

We believe that both venture and companies are becoming highly decentralized. Silicon Valley doesn’t have a monopoly on innovation, nor does New York or Boston. We believe that the best founders and startups of tomorrow are launching everywhere. This is why we are building 2048 Ventures from the ground up as a geo-agnostic firm.

We have a broad vision to create a firm with purpose.  We’ve set out to create 2048 Ventures for decades, to make a significant impact on all those in our 2048 ecosystem, and ultimately, to help shape our world. It is through innovation and impact that we will create wealth for our investors, founders, society and ourselves.

Our Investors

Early on when we started talking about 2048 Ventures, we asked, “Who would be the best partners, the most impactful investors, to begin this journey with us?” With our focus on the next wave of technology founders and companies, the answer was obvious: we wanted to be backed by the best, most successful technology founders of our times.

We started with founders, so that our ultimate 2048 portfolio founders can be inspired, and literally backed, by the iconic founders who walked in their shoes previously. We are privileged to have assembled an exceptional collective, including the founders of MongoDB, DoubleClick, Github, Rackspace, MakerBot, Meetup, Stratasys, DigitalOcean, SendGrid, Plated, Photobucket, DataLogix, DigiWeb, CloudLock, Carbon Black, Payfone, SiteCompli, DreamHost, MindBody, Seamless, StubHub and many others.

Today, we are proud to call all of them our Limited Partners. These founders are joined by other exceptional LPs from the top tier venture funds, as well as past and present executives from top technology companies, including:

Hello, founders, we are 2048 Ventures!

The 2048 Team is ready to back exceptional founders who are driven, resilient, capital-efficient and coachable. We are ready to be the first check in your company, whether you are located here in NYC, or Toronto or Atlanta, Seattle or Nashville, Austin or Boston, or anywhere in between.

We are inspired to back founders transforming all sectors - healthcare and developer tools, logistics and genomics, financial services and cyber security, and all others. We back founders who are creating B2B and B2C companies, differentiated through technology, and again, across all verticals.

If you are looking to partner with earliest-stage investors who have empathy, experience, strong networks, access to follow-on capital, and who roll up their sleeves - please reach out, as we look forward to hearing from you!

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