Feb 14, 2023

Introducing 2048 Ventures Biotech Studio and Biotech Competition

Introducing 2048 Ventures Biotech Studio and Biotech Competition. Two new ways to help empower exceptional founders and scientists at the earliest part of their entrepreneurial journey in biotechnology.

Alex Iskold

At 2048 Ventures we are so excited about the future of biotechnology.

We spend time thinking and talking about the future of AI/ML applications for drug discovery, bioproduction, bioreactor innovations, biosecurity, drug delivery, drug target discovery, genetic editing, microbiome, early detection of disease, metabolic optimization, metabolome, microbiome, novel biomarker discovery, regenerative medicine, neurotechnology, synthetic biology, and many other areas!

We are the lucky first check investors in:

  • Aclid - The security and safety API layer for synthetic biology.
  • BioBox - A platform for contextual search results, to organize, integrate, and explore ‘omics datasets.
  • - Coding.Bio productizes the “CAR” of CAR-T cells using combinational computational and experimental approaches.
  • Humane Genomics - Platform and infrastructure for synthetic oncolytic viruses for personalized cancer treatment.
  • Inso Bio - Making genomics more accessible by creating uniquely innovative tools for tomorrow’s biological applications.
  • - Next generation proteomic tools.
  • Stratagen Bio - oxygen sensors to enable precision oncology therapies.

Today we are excited to double down on our support for exceptional Biotech founders through two new 2048 Ventures initiatives: Biotech Studio and Biotech Pitch Competition.

2048 Ventures Biotech Studio

2048 Ventures Biotech Studio is a year-round opportunity for exceptional Biotech founders to work closely with the 2048 Ventures team at the earliest stages of their company journey.

This highly selective Biotech Studio offers a personalized, 1-1 experience with all members of the 2048 Ventures team, our circle of industry experts, and our founders.

The Biotech Studio is specifically geared towards Biotech startups that traditionally don’t get a good support system in a generic accelerator. We help you with spinning technology out of university, navigating IP issues, selling into pharma and healthcare, selecting CROs, thinking through the tradeoffs between being a single asset or platform company, choosing go to market, and much more.

We offer straightforward funding. No common stock, no tricks, no gimmicks. Receive $250K on a post-money SAFE that will convert into 8% of preferred stock in the next equity round.

Learn more about 2048 Ventures Biotech Studio

Fill out this quick application and get funded in 16 days. No tricks or gimmicks. If accepted, you get $250K for 8% on a post-money SAFE.

2048 Ventures Biotech Pitch Competition

2048 Ventures is excited to help foster the earliest stage Biotech startup ecosystem. We are launching the 2048 Ventures Biotech 2023 Spring Pitch Competition to help and empower exceptional founders and scientists at the earliest part of their entrepreneurial journey. The applications are open now, and will close March 12th. The winners will be announced by the end of April.

The Biotech Pitch Competition gives you an incredible opportunity to kickstart your Biotech venture. The winner of the competition will receive $200K on an uncapped SAFE, and the runner up will get $50K. All other finalists will receive exclusive and nerdy 2048 Ventures Biotech Pitch Competition swag.

Learn more about the 2048 Ventures Biotech Competition

Fill out this quick application for a chance to win $200K grand prize for your Biotech startup!

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