Dec 14, 2020

Our Investment in Flyp

James and Dani have a bold vision: change how second hand clothing is bought and sold online.

Alex Iskold

James and Dani are magnetic, scrappy, visionary, authentic, and obsessed (in a good way!).

We were introduced to them a few months ago via our friend Danielle Strachman from 1517 Fund and were incredibly impressed. We immediately knew we wanted to be part of Flyp’s story.

James and Dani have a bold vision: change how second hand clothing is bought and sold online.

Much like Uber did for rides or DoorDash for delivery, Flyp is willing into existence the whole economy for second hand clothing, connecting clients with “pro-sellers,” micro-entrepreneurs who resell items online.

The duo previously ran another startup that joined forces with Mercari. After helping to grow and take Mercari public, James and Dani saw an untapped opportunity in the second hand clothing market.

Flyp’s platform connects the emerging and growing group of professional sellers with people who need help selling their stuff online. Instead of going to Real Real, Poshmark, ThreadUp, eBay or Tradesy to DIY sell your items, now you can just list your stuff on Flyp, have pro-sellers bid on your lots, and have the winning pro-seller take care of the rest on your behalf.

Flyp is developing a sophisticated matching system that helps find the perfect reseller for your stuff and helps pro-sellers maximize the money they can earn on Flyp.

Flyp is still nascent, but has already helped pro-sellers move $250,000 worth of goods. More importantly, they are building a strong community of early adopters who love the product.

You can read more about Flyp’s early launch here.

James and Dani are forces of nature, and we feel incredibly lucky to be an early investor along with 1517 Fund and GroundUp in this exciting marketplace.  Expect big things from Flyp in 2021, and in the meantime, if you’ve got stuff you need to get rid of -- go Flyp them now ;)

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