Oct 25, 2021

Our Investment in Groundfloor

Exacerbated by a global pandemic, the way we work, live, and play is profoundly changing.

Zann Ali

During this sea change in life as we know it, one thing remains constant: our desire to belong to something larger than ourselves.

A community that surrounds us, helps us, inspires us, and fosters the very thing that we all seek: human connection.  

There continues to be substantial growth in flexible work and long-term nomadic living. Coupled with this shift in work is an increased demand for community and experience. The result is a clear need for a “third place:” something that isn’t home, but isn’t work, and sits neatly in-between.  

This is exactly what the team at Groundfloor is working on.

They are building a network of membership-based spaces where you can work, play, or stay. In some ways, it encompasses the best bits from members’ clubs (à la Soho House), co-working spaces (à la WeWork), and hotels (à la Marriott) — with none of the worst.

When we first met Jamie (CEO), we knew we needed to invest. Jamie is an architect by training and a Fulbright Scholar turned entrepreneur. He obsesses over the intersection of property, technology, and community, and has spent the last several years building a deep operational muscle at Hostmaker, Fat Llama, and Zamna. He is joined by Jermaine (CPO) and Leutrim (CTO), who are equally as obsessed with the problem space, and each bring a unique skill set to the table. Together, they are an unstoppable force that we are excited to back.

The team has been working hard to make their vision a reality. They have thousands of members on their waitlist, and are gearing up to open their first location in San Francisco. If you’re interested in becoming a Founding Member, sign up here:

We’re grateful to be a part of Groundfloor at the ground floor (pun intended), as the first institutional check in the company’s pre-seed round, alongside prominent angels including executives from Airbnb and notable proptech companies.

As Maya Angelou once said,

“I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.”

We’re thrilled to support Groundfloor’s mission of building the modern day lifestyle club — a home-away-from-home for the modern worker, rooted in community.  

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