Oct 17, 2023

Our Investment in Pageport

Pageport helps businesses of all kinds build personalized videos and websites for each prospect.

Zann Ali

Dogfooding, Anyone?

We’re thrilled to announce our investment in Pageport!

Instead of reading this long post, why not just see the product in action? Here’s a Pageport I made about why we invested in Pageport — I know, meta!

Click here to check out Pageport!

The Origin Story

We’ve all been there: you’re browsing the web, looking for a new ______. Fill in the blanks with anything you typically browse for online: a mortgage, a new financial advisor, or even a photographer for an upcoming event.

You stumble upon a website asking for your phone number and email address, and the next thing you know, your iPhone screen looks like this:

You’re barraged with constant phone calls, emails, and relentless pitches - often unrelated to your initial inquiry.

This is the exact experience Max went through when he filled out a lead form on a very prominent real estate website while looking for a realtor. It was nearly impossible to tell who was good at their job.

The best he got was a stale PDF and a cluttered website.

That’s the moment Pageport was born.

The Product

Pageport’s core insight is that websites are dumb - they are one-size-fits-all, and not specific to the buyer — who they are, where they’re coming from, and what they’re interested in buying.

Pageport’s early product is a “website for one” — an individual page specifically designed for you, the buyer. Front and center is vertical video, a format that is native to today’s buyer and is proven to convert better.

Rather than explaining what the product does, we thought we’d just show you. Here’s a PagePort version of this very blog post:

You can imagine the possibilities — different triggers, different templates, different content blocks, all on a mission to cut through the noise and make a buyer journey delightful and personalized.

And behind the scenes: detailed analytics on every single prospect, not high level impression data from a stale webpage.

The Love

Every early customer we talked to loved Pageport.

Several customers we called said it was worth 10x more than they currently pay for it.

Dozens of businesses across verticals said their lead conversion skyrocketed, they were winning more business, and most of all, their customers loved the unique attention they were receiving.

Customer love this strong (and this early) is rare in the often noisy world of startups — but our ears perked up when we heard it, and we knew we had to get involved.

The Dynamic Duo

When products shine with creativity, passion, and a genuine obsession for customers, it's often a reflection of the minds behind them.

Enter Max Metcalf and Thomas Clawson: the duo behind Pageport.

Max and Thomas have known each other for years — they know each other so well that at multiple points in our early conversations, they finished each others’ sentences. They probably owe this harmony to their mission trip together to Denmark, or from their time launching a music festival in college.

Max is the tech guy. He went to BYU and studied math. After, he spent several years at Utah based startups working as a software engineer. When he had the a-ha moment that led to Pageport, his first call was Thomas. Thomas is the business guy. He also went to BYU but studied economics. Thomas spent most of his early career in marketing at Podium and Whatnot, two awesome YC startups, before getting the inevitable call from Max.

And when he did, well, the rest is history…

2048vc x Pageport

Today, we're beyond excited to announce that we led Pageport's pre-seed round. We're joined by our frequent collaborators, Boost VC, and a group of epic angel investors who share our belief in Pageport.

And I’d be remiss to not give a heartfelt shoutout to our friend, Serene Papenfuss, for first introducing us to Max and Thomas — thank you 🙏🏼

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