Mar 11, 2024

Our Investment in Ripple

Ripple is revolutionizing e-commerce with an AI powered marketing suite for brands.

Daniella Cohen

The Current State

Imagine this: you are an up-and-coming brand on Shopify. Managing your marketing today requires 20+ plug in Shopify widgets, several ad managers, an expensive email marketing provider, a copywriter, a designer, an analytics tool, and agencies to manage it all. This set up works for the largest brands but is inaccessible for smaller brands due to the cost and complexity. The result is that 95% of brands never make it past $10m in annual sales.

Enter Ripple

Ripple is building an all-in-one, AI powered marketing suite for brands.

They’ve started by tackling email, and have built a singular place for brands to ideate, plan and instantly generate their email marketing campaigns and flows; assisted by AI at every step. Ripple is creating a complete workflow overhaul, replacing the need to use various marketing tools and agencies; instead, pioneering an AI-powered marketing solution that is integrated, coordinated, and seamless.

The product allows brands to create a well-designed campaign in seconds, just from a prompt. Or a whole month of emails in minutes with the help of their planning assistant. Making edits can be done via chat or in their easy to use editor.

*Brands can create best-in-class campaigns with a simple prompt and chat for changes

Managing the content is a breeze in Ripple’s calendar, allowing brands to plan well in advance. With just a few clicks, the emails are reaching inboxes.

*A view of the calendar in Ripple, where brands can easily plan their marketing campaigns

The customer reviews speak for themselves. Brands using Ripple remark how simple and timesaving the tool is, allowing them to get back to what they do best. Most importantly, Ripple campaigns are driving more revenue for the brands, allowing them to ditch expensive agencies.

The Ripple Dream Team

Rohan Seth (CEO), Tristan Miller (CTO), and Peter Lopez (COO) are an all-star, passionate, and mission-driven team. Rohan and Peter worked together in hotel management software, where they learned about how fragmented tech stacks leave the smaller players behind. Meanwhile, Tristan was working at Klaviyo, the biggest marketing SaaS tool in ecommerce. They joined forces to tackle this familiar problem and launch Ripple. Like it was in the hotel space, disjointed solutions are difficult to integrate, coordinate, and manage for SMBs. Together, they envisioned all-in-one software that takes care of marketing effortlessly.

2048 Ventures x Ripple

We are thrilled to lead the pre-seed investment in Ripple, alongside our friends at Techstars (thank you to KJ Singh for introducing us!).

Learn more about Ripple on their website and follow Rohan, Tristan, and Peter on their journey.

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