May 30, 2019

Our Investment in soona

2048 Ventures leads $1.2MM seed round in soona - provider of affordable, 24-hour, high quality videos for brands.

Alex Iskold

We are thrilled to share that 2048 Ventures led a $1.2m seed round for Denver-based soona.

soona (note the lowercase spelling) is one of those magical companies that blends creativity and technology to deliver an awesome and truly needed product - high quality, fast videos and photos for brands.

Video is rapidly displacing text as a de facto communication and consumption medium of our age. Brands, large and small, need a way to constantly make videos and photos for marketing and advertising campaigns. The problem is that current solutions are slow and expensive.

This is where soona comes in - a fresh take on branded video that is affordable and is guaranteed within 24 hours. The company is the brainchild of Liz Giorgi and Hayley Anderson, who for the last 5 years ran a consulting agency that helped brands create content.

Here is how soona works: Book a time to visit one of the soona locations, select from a few options for settings and style of the video, choose whether to use your own equipment or hire a professional videographer.

When you show up with your product to a soona location, everything is already ready to go. Think of a soona location as a mini Hollywood set - each customer gets a different setup to suit his or her needs. The shoot is quick, easy and fun.

The best part is under the hood. soona’s technology delivers a complete product in under 24-hours. There is no one else on the market who can do that today - high quality branded video, under $400 and under 24-hours.

Liz and Hayley have a massive vision to not just change how brands create high quality video content, but more importantly to establish what is actually possible with branded video.

We are excited to be backing these exceptionally talented founders at the earliest stage, along with our friends at Matchstick Ventures and Techstars.

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