Mar 19, 2020

Our Investment in Turbodega

Bodegas — small-format grocery and convenience stores — are the heart of Latin American communities. They are where people congregate to see neighbors, catch up with friends, and of course, do their daily shopping.

Zann Ali

By some estimates, there are over 2 million bodegas in Latin America, and largely, they are underserved and overlooked, despite representing a significant portion of total retail sales.

Today, the process for ordering inventory and managing the supply chain for these bodegas is laden with pen and paper, involves armies of salespeople, and is simply inefficient.

This is why we are thrilled to announce our latest pre-seed investment in Turbodega — a mobile-first platform for bodega owners and distributors to digitize and optimize their inventory and supply chains.

Turbodega was co-founded by Daniel Franco and Julio Castañeda, who hail from Peru and Mexico, respectively, and met during their studies at McGill University. The duo was soon joined by co-founder, Paolo Melgarejo who flew to Peru to build the company’s technical infrastructure.

The company launched in December of 2019 and has quickly gained meaningful traction — today, hundreds of bodegas and several large distributors in Peru are already using the Turbodega platform.

At the core of Turbodega’s offering is an easy-to-use chatbot that aggregates and places orders with CPG brand distributors. Over time, however, the team has a much larger vision: becoming the largest distribution network in South and Central America, and empowering bodegas with a suite of solutions including working capital credit, automated fulfillment, point of sale, and analytics.

At 2048 Ventures, we were blown away by the team’s mission, vision, and execution. We are thrilled to back Daniel, Julio, Paolo, and the rest of the Turbodega team as they build a category-defining business that will transform shopping in Latin America and touch the lives of so many along the way.  

Turbodega's bodega-facing chatbot

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