Dec 20, 2021

Our investment in Valist

Valist uses the building blocks of Web 3.0 to deliver universal package repositories, code signing, and access control.

Alex Iskold

One of the key principles of Web 3.0 is permissionless and distributed trust. Bitcoin itself, NFTs, DeFi, smart contracts, and DAOs are all based on self-regulating networks that are nearly impossible to game.

All of these are pieces of software that are installed and run across millions of nodes. Ironically, the sources of the software themselves are not bullet proof, and Web 3.0 software is still being distributed over Web 2.0

How can one be certain that the software they are downloading is indeed from the trusted source it claims to be?

This is exactly where Valist comes in: a secure way to distribute your software. Valist uses the building blocks of Web 3.0 to deliver universal package repositories, code signing, and access control. 

Valist is a brainchild of Alec Wantoch and Zach Pelkey. The duo has been passionate about the blockchain space since the early days. We were introduced to Alec and Zach earlier this year by our friends at the Tachyon accelerator. Since our first meeting, we knew that this team is special - incredibly technical, resilient, visionary, and mission driven. 

Today, Valist is making several exciting announcements. First, you can now use Valist to securely distribute your software. While Valist is built on Web 3.0 building blocks, you can use it to publish both Web 3.0 and Web 2.0 code. This means that you can securely distribute your code to your customers - whether it is open source or not, starting today. Valist is based on a set of basic APIs and a CLI that makes it super easy to both publish software and get secure updates. 

Publishing with Valist

Valist integrates with developer’s existing tools, including NPM and Docker registries. This allows developers to take advantage of Web 3.0 without disrupting their workflows. DAOs can also use Valist to coordinate software releases without relying on a single set of developers.

We are really excited to be working with Alec and Zach and being an early supporter of Valist. Today’s launch is just the first of many. We are so excited for what is to come in the coming months and years. 

Check out Valist and start distributing and subscribing to software securely.

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