Sep 18, 2019

Our Investment in Vitally

2048 Ventures and Founder Collective co-lead investment in Vitally to help bring analytics to Customer Success.

Alex Iskold

Today we are thrilled to share that we’ve partnered with our friends at Founder Collective to co-lead a funding round in Vitally.

Customer Success has become an integral part of every business. When we picture a startup as a funnel, Customer Success is at the very bottom and is the most critical. Why? Simply put, if you can’t retain customers you cannot have a sustainable business.

Vitally is taking Customer Success to the next level by providing a world-class analytics, automation, and engagement platform for Customer Success teams.

At the heart of Vitally is the notion that customers who churn purchased the product, but did not fully engage with it to its full potential. By instrumenting intelligent analytics and tracking, Vitally is able to help businesses see which of their customers and accounts are at risk of churning.

Gaining visibility into at-risk accounts is only one aspect of Customer Success. Vitally helps Customer Success teams complete the picture and 10x their efficiency with powerful automation and engagement tools that help get at-risk customers back on a path towards renewal.

Vitally comes with a beautiful UX and is already in use by some of the fastest growing companies including Segment, Close, Gorgias and

At 2048 Ventures, we feel deeply passionate about customer success and believe that Vitally is solving a massive problem. We are grateful to be able to support Jamie and Patrick on their journey, and look forward to helping Vitally turbo charge Customer Success teams across all of our portfolio companies, the entire startup ecosystem, and in the enterprise.

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