Feb 4, 2022

Our Investment in Wirestock

Wirestock allows creators to upload and distribute content to multiple marketplaces all from a single place.

Neha Khera

There are over 20M creators around the world producing commercial grade video and photo assets. Ever been to a website and seen a beautiful photo that brings the text to life? Or seen a TikTok of a beautiful mountain landscape?

Behind it is a creator, a livelihood, and a passion to bring beautiful content into the world.

These creators operate like SMBs, where the images and videos they create serve as their product. The challenge, however, is that unlike SMBs, creators have no good way to distribute or sell their 'products'. Existing marketplaces like Shutterstock and Adobe are complex in terms of setup. A creator needs to spend 3-4 hours on each platform uploading, listing, and managing their assets.

This is what the team at Wirestock realized after working in the content tech space for several years.They witnessed the mismatch between the volume of content creators produced and the limited ways in which they were able to distribute or monetize it. CEO Mikayel left Picsart in 2019 and started building what is now Wirestock.

At its core, Wirestock allows creators to upload and distribute content to multiple marketplaces all from a single place. This saves creators time and allows them to focus on what they do best – creating.

The Wirestock team is focused on serving a global audience, and has offices setup in both Armenia and the Bay Area. They are already working with tens of thousands of creators from 150+ countries, and have partnered with 10+ marketplaces. But this is just the beginning.

At 2048 Ventures, we believe the creator market is still in its infancy stage and will continue to grow. Moreover, our belief is that a creator's content is the core asset which will unlock a host of additional products & services a creator may need, including:

  • setting up storefronts, to sell content or other merchandise
  • building a community
  • accessing financial products
  • creating and managing content rights
  • & much more…

We are excited to back this team as part of their $2.3M seed round, and excited about the potential Wirestock has in being able to help the creators they serve.

A huge thank you to the team at Graph Ventures for introducing us to this company!

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