Series A and Growth
Jan 24, 2022

Bain Capital Leads soona's $35M Series B

soona is revolutionizing how brands create casual photo and video content.

Alex Iskold

soona is a special company.

It is special because of its commitment to use creativity to solve problems. It is special because it is on a mission to empower creatives. It is special because of its unwavering commitment to diversity. I can think of dozen other reasons why soona is special.

But the number one reason soona is special is because of its incredible, unique culture.

As an investor in over 150 companies, I’ve been lucky to see a lot of great founders, and a lot of great companies, but I’ve never seen, or been part of, a company culture like soona’s.

It is genuine, it is clear, it is uplifting, it is empowering. It is so strongly rooted and narrated through its mission.

Liz Giorgi and Haley Anderson, co-founders of soona

Liz Giorgi and Haley Anderson have managed to create something truly exceptional, and frankly, increasingly rare. In the world of tech startups that has become very cynical, Liz and Hayley built a multi-city company culture that is helping them attract and retain A+ talent. Just take a quick look at the company’s about page.

It should not come as a surprise that soona is in hyper growth.

Less than 9 months after raising its Series A led by Union Square Ventures, soona is announcing that Scott Friend from Bain Capital is leading their $35M Series B. Scott is a seasoned investor with a deep experience in ecommerce and marketing. Union Square Ventures, 2048 Ventures, Matchstick, and Starting Line, all previous investors, enthusiastically joined the round. You can read an in depth the coverage of the financing by Sarah Perez on TechCrunch.

Behind this excitement is massive customer demand and impressive growth.


soona’s product is simple and incredibly needed: fast casual photos and videos for brands. soona’s UX enables marketers to virtually order product shoots and get back impeccable, exceptional quality assets within 24 hours.

How soona works

soona’s team is obsessed with customer success and being pixel perfect. Their product is a magical blend of skillful work of creatives and an intelligent algorithmic backend that outputs the shoots that customers want.

Simply put, there is no better way to get branded assets. Hundreds of e-commerce brands are flocking to soona.

And this is still just the beginning. Next, soona plans to expand its API platform, and add support for BigCommerce and other platforms. In addition to their hubs in Denver, Austin and the Twin Cities this year soona will launch new presence around US.

We at 2048 Ventures could not be more thrilled to be the first institutional investor in soona, and to continue supporting this incredible company through Series B and beyond.

Let’s go Liz, Haley, and team soona!

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