Mar 7, 2022

Joining 2048 Ventures

Hi there – I’m Julie, and I’m pleased to announce that I’ve joined the 2048 Ventures team. My background in research, communications, and startup allows me to help early-stage bio companies realize their vision.

Julie Wolf

I bring a different experience to the world of investing: a background that combines startups, science communications, and research. Gaining experience in these areas has granted me the skills to evaluate and assist early stage bio startups. 

Hi there – I’m Julie, and I’m pleased to announce that I’ve joined the 2048 Ventures team. I started my career as a Ph.D. microbiologist, studying the molecular mechanisms of disease in both graduate and postdoctoral fellowships. I spent five years in communications with the American Society for Microbiology, curating the top research and sharing discoveries from its scientist members. Most recently, I helped establish the IndieBio New York office, working with nearly 30 companies over the past two years.

I think a lot about the ways that biology can be used as a technology to build a better world. Biotech is uniquely positioned to have a massive impact on human health, but the applications don’t stop there. Bio-based products can build better food systems, improve energy efficiency, and create value out of waste streams.

Naturally, I look for the technology and the team to support product formation as initial requirements for every biotech startup. The right experience and skill set may be even more important than in traditional tech, and I seek founders who are resourceful, resilient, and visionary.

I also look for extraordinary focus on the customer. Tenacious focus on building a product that solves the customer’s problems sets a strong foundation for growth. 

Finally, like my teammate Neha, I look at timing. We’ve seen the critical role timing plays in facilitating mRNA-based vaccines, telemedicine, and lab automation during the COVID-19 pandemic. My goal as an investor is to find companies that have the right product at the right time.

As I’ve gotten to know the 2048 Ventures team, I’ve seen that each member shares key values I try to live by:

  • Customer service mindset for their portfolio companies
  • Innate curiosity about technology and the people behind it
  • Desire to build a better world with tech

The team is dedicated to funding top-notch startups and doing everything possible to help them succeed, as illustrated by the success of and positive feedback from the portfolio founders. Everyone at 2048 Ventures is an inquisitive, sharp problem solver, and I’m lucky to work with them.

You can email me at, see my connections on LinkedIn, and follow me on Twitter @juliemariewolf.

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